Our mission is to provide you with knowledge and resources

to keep you and your family healthy.


MCD Pharmacy is located in the Gardens Professional Center in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Our mission is to be your trusted local community pharmacy. Whether you are an individual patient, a small family (like ours),  or a large healthcare center looking for outpatient meds, we can handle all of your pharmaceutical needs.

We offer PCCA compounding and are eager to work with community partners that serve underpriviledged children and families as well as mistreated pets and animals.

We started with a dream to open a community pharmacy dedicated to providing responsible patient centered care to the good citizens of Palm Beach County. In May of 2017, after years of searching, that dream became a reality as we acquired a pharmacy in Palm Beach Gardens.  By the middle of 2019 we became MCD Pharmacy or My Community Drugstore, an indication of our true mission.

The mother-daughter pharmacist team that own and operate MCD Pharmacy have over 40 years of medical and pharmacy experience. We look forward to meeting all of your prescription and compounding needs while providing you with the best customer service.